Henceforth are chronicled the adventures of the Phandalin Force Five throughout their inaugural campaign, the Lost Mine of Phandelver.

In the region of the Sword Coast, on the continent of Faerûn, in the world of Toril, in the universe of the Forgotten Realms

1491 – Year of the Scarlet Witch

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The Uneven Dog

Boirin, Rhogar, Rána, and Roden are hired by Gundren Rockseeker at a Neverwinter tavern (called The Uneven Dog) to escort a wagon of supplies to the burgeoning town of Phandalin.

Roden Hobblebuckle is hoping to clear the bounty on his head. Boirin Ashcloak is doing a favor for his cousin Gundren. Erresea Rána, newly returned to civilization, is in it for the money. Daardendrian Rhogar is busy defending that civilization from the perils of the wilderness on behalf of the Order of the Founders while he investigates a missing colleague named Iarno Albrek.

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Gundren’s Convoy

Gundren and his sellsword, Sildar Hallwinter, depart for Phandalin.

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Wagon Escort

The hired party departs for Phandalin escorting Gundren’s wagon of supplies.

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Gundren and Sildar are attacked and captured by goblins en route to Phandalin.

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Ambush on the Triboar Trail

The party thwarts a goblin ambush on the Triboar Trail. Rana’s skin turns blue indefinitely due to a wild magic surge.

Cragmaw Hideout

Gnerx “the Helpful,” a goblin, is captured and forced to lead the party to the Cragmaw Hideout, which is cleared. Klarg the Bugbear is beheaded, Ripper the wolf is set aflame and driven off, and Sildar Hallwinter is rescued.

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The party arrives in Phandalin after reclaiming Lionshield Coster merchandise from the Cragmaw Hideout. Payment is collected for the delivery of Gundren’s wagon, loot is sold, and the adventurers pass the night in the Stonehill Inn. Gnerx begins ingratiating himself to the group.

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Tresendar Manor

Boirin receives divine visions from Marthammor Duin, Rhogar receives a missive from the Order, Roden goes missing, and Rána questions his faith in Corellon Larethian.

Andrena joins the party.

Investigation of the Redbrand mercenary threat leads the party to Tresendar Manor which is under the command of one “Glasstaff.” The party clears the Redbrand dungeon. Rhogar pledges Rána one favor after nearly getting him killed, the party learns that Andrena is a mermaid, a group of undead skeletons are defeated, and Mirna Dendrar and her children are rescued.

A wizard’s workshop is found. Boirin collects “Urmon’s Journal.” A strange rat turns out to be the wizard’s familiar and warns Glasstaff, who escapes via a hidden door. A letter from the Black Spider reveals that Glasstaff is, in fact, Iarno Albrek — the wizard whom Rhogar and Sildar were searching for.

A nothic monster nearly kills the entire party but is bested by Boirin with the help of a hand mirror and some string.

Iarno nearly escapes, but Gnerx, who had been left behind, knocks him unconscious. Iarno is arrested and placed in Sildar’s custody. Iarno delivers Beltiln’s Bequest to Rhogar.

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Cragmaw Castle

Gnerx leads the adventurers to the castle where he is being held and promptly betrays them. Goblins drag the party down to the dungeons to be tortured alongside Gundren and a gnome called Gerbo the Tinker, who is searching for his son. Gerbo turns out to be Gnerx’s long-lost father.

With Gnerx’s help (it was a feigned double-cross), the party escapes from the dungeon and clears the castle. King Grol, Vyerith the doppelganger, a grick, and a goblin priest of Maglubiyet are defeated. Gundren’s Map to Wave Echo Cave is found!

The party convinces Gnerx to stay rather than leave with Gerbo. The party reencounters Ripper the Charred Wolf. After sustaining injury, Rána reduces the wolf. Boirin then easily lifts and grand-slams it into the forest with his warhammer.

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Riding North

The party purchases horses at the Phandalin Stables and rides north along the Sword Coast and past Neverwinter, turning east toward the ruins of Thundertree.

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The party meets Marius the Madman, a curiosity merchant, just outside the ruins of Thundertree, which are promptly explored. Mirna’s emerald necklace is retrieved after fighting some ash zombies and twig blights.

Dragon Cultists

The party rescues Acorn the Sprite and a pseudodragon from Dragon Cultists who are searching for a powerful magic item. Rhogar forms a magical bond with the pseudodragon. Thundertree’s town square is the site of Boirin’s visions, which leads the party to discover a planar portal. Just as (most of) the party passes through the portal, a young green dragon arrives.

Rhogar stays behind to face the dragon. Venomfang the Dragon circles Rhogar while posing riddles. Rhogar answers two of three correctly; on the third, he makes a dash for the portal, but is grievously wounded. He answers another riddle correctly. Finally, he asks the dragon one of Beltiln’s Imponderable Questions: “Where would we be without rhetorical questions?” and the dragon flies away in a fit of rage. Rhogar crawls through the portal.

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17 – 30

The Feywild

The party enjoys the wonders of the Feywild’s beautiful and whimsical magic. Rána comes face to face with Corellon, the god of the elves. Rána’s Wethrinaer brand, meaning “deceitful one,” is divinely revised to read “deceptive one,” emphasizing his freedom of will to influence his destiny. Rána’s blue skin is returned to its normal hue, and he also receives a divine gift — the Glowstone, a powerful arcane focus.

Acorn sends the party back to Thundertree. Unbeknownst to the party, nearly 14 days elapsed in Toril while they were in the Feywild.

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Thundertree is cleared. Gnerx is left trapped in a giant spider’s web overnight, and Marius is nowhere to be found. The night passes in fitful dreams, and Boirin is visited by Linene Graywind, proprietor of Lionshield Coster, who turns out to be a druid who can take the form of a wolf. Boirin ascertains how much time has passed during their conversation. The two schedule a rendezvous for the 10th of Eleint.

The party’s search for Gnerx leads them to a tower atop a hill in the midst of the ruins. Dragon Cultists demand the Glowstone in exchange for Gnerx; Rána fools them by giving them his old arcane focus instead, and the party defeats the cultists.

Venomfang the Dragon returns, and after a grueling battle is defeated by the party. Boirin obtains the Trusty Feller, a magic dwarven axe. Rhogar locates one of Beltiln’s puzzle boxes amdist the contents of the dragon’s stomach.

Neverwinter Gallows

Heeding Linene’s grim warning that the Black Spider’s agents have been tormenting Phandalin, the party hastens south. On the way, they are drawn into Neverwinter by a commotion, which turns out to be a public execution. Iarno Albrek is hanged, and Marius the Madman, similarly condemned, follows him onto the gallows. The party mounts a daring rescue, barely escaping the city. Marius had been convicted of dealing magic items without a license.

The party continues south toward Phandalin, meeting a variety of strange folk along the way, including a paladin named Torinn Delmirev. A roguish tiefling named Damakos meets and joins the party.

The Stonehill Inn Fire

The party hastens through the night to find Phandalin’s Stonehill Inn ablaze with Trilena, the innkeeper’s wife, still trapped inside. While Rána, Boirin, and Damakos rush into the burning building, Andrena organizes the panicked populace to form a bucket brigade. Gnerx fights the fire in the inn’s kitchen while the others continue their search for Trilena upstairs.

Damakos is caught in a backdraft and falls unconscious. Boirin falls through the floor before he can heal their new friend. In an attempt to reach Damakos, he throws the Trusty Feller at the intervening ceiling, causing a collapse in which Damakos dies.

Rhogar locates Trilena, safely lowering her to safety through the second-story window with Rána’s help (casting feather-fall). Thanks to the bucket brigade, the Stonehill Inn Fire is extinguished and the structure is saved from complete ruin. Inspired by her leadership, the townsfolk elect Andrena as their new Townmaster.

A half-orc named Krusk makes trouble amongst the townsfolk, and the party apprehends him. Rána recognizes him as a warlord, but before he can question him the orc is slain with an arrow. Torinn, the dragonborn paladin, appears and reveals that he had been sworn to hunt the half-orc. He joins their party.

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Damage Report

The party learns the cost of Phandalin’s loyalty. Any buildings with known associations to the Phandalin Phorce Phive had been razed by agents of the Black Spider, including: Barthen’s Povisions, Townmaster’s Hall, Stonehill Inn, Lionshield Coster, Blacksmith, Stables, Tresendar Manor, and the Phandalin Miner’s Exchange.

Many of the villagers were killed for refusing to cooperate, their bodies hanged from the trees in Edermath Orchard to set an example. Among the dead are found Minkus & Dinkus, Smitty the Smith, Petunia Pleasantbaker, Freda the Weaver, and Halia Thornton, as well several Redbrand Ruffians, three bugbears, a goblin, and a nothic. The party assembles a funeral pyre to honor their friends who died for them.

Rhogar returns the Glutton’s Fork to Gnerx (previously stolen by Rána) and reluctantly dubs him Gnerx the Courageous with said fork. Gnerx approaches Torinn, and the dragonborn agrees to train him to become a paladin. Gnerx, thrilled with his new apprenticeship, sets about finding tasks to prove himself.

Andrena disappears, leaving behind the Nitpicker and a note. The weight of responsibility that accompanied becoming the Townmaster was too much for her, and she regrettably had to leave.

The group donates 60 gp to Toblen Stonehill in support of his family and toward the repair of his inn. Toblen can fully repair the inn with 2,500 gp. The party appoints Toblen as the new Townmaster.

The Mercenaries of Mintarn

Bazuk Longforge, Boirin’s former captain, appears on the street to parley with the party. Mintarn Mercenary thugs emerge from all corners of town, surrounding the party and murmuring exclamations like “Cold-blood Boirin!” “Ashcloak the Assassin!” and “Deathy the Dwarf!” as they are surprised to see Boirin again.

Boirin’s old company, it appears, is currently employed by the Black Spider. Neither side is willing to back down, so a battle breaks out. Bazuk is killed, along with five of his thugs. Dumberlug, the last surviving mercenary, flees into the charred husk of the Stonehill Inn.

The party apprehends Dumberlug and turns him over to the townsfolk. They learn that the Black Spider has kidnapped Gundren and is forcing the dwarf to lead him to lead him to Wave Echo Cave.

Boirin sees visions of a diamond, a crystalline pillar, and a meeting of three gods.

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Journey to Wave Echo Cave

12:00 am — Driven by urgency, the party forgoes rest in favor of pursuing the Black Spider to Wave Echo Cave. Rhogar leads the party east along the Sword Mountain foothills toward Wave Echo Cave, following Gundren’s map. Ripper the Wolf attacks the party again, and is defeated. Rána claims its skull as a trophy.

1:00 am — While they ride, Boirin opens up about his dark past with the Mintarn Mercenaries, including the botched assassination of Prince Aldrik, who gave his life to save Boirin’s. Boirin became a cleric in order to atone for Aldrik’s death, and aspires to learn how to resurrect his savior. Gnerx shares his own dark secret: he gambles.

2:00 am — The party finds a plundered burial mound and (figuratively) picks the bones clean, finding a chest with about 200 gp in it.

3:00 am — Rhogar is bitten by a stirge on his back. The party stops to eat.

4:00 am — The party finds a fallen and overgrown statue of Lathander (one of the gods from Boirin’s recent vision).

5:00 am — Rána casts enlarge on Rhogar, and together the group lifts the statue back in place while Boirin repairs it with his masonry tools.

6:00 am — When it is complete, the sun rises behind the hill, framing the god of the dawn in a golden nimbus. Rána shoots a fireball into the air to celebrate (losing a bet to Gnerx and giving him 1 gp).

7:00 am — The party reaches the entrance to Wave Echo Cave!

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Wave Echo Cave


The party reaches Wave Echo Cave. Tharden, one of Boirin’s cousins, is found dead inside the entrance. While the rest of the party works to excavate an opening large enough for the party to enter the mine, Rána and Roden snack on some glowing mushrooms.

While exploring on his own, Rhogar finds a scrap of ancient parchment and, incredibly, recognizes his own handwriting before it crumbles to dust.

Led by pscyhotropic fungus into a dark lair, the Phandalin Force 5 is trapped on a giant game-board at the mercy of a sadistic ambulatory fungus — a Myconid Sovereign known as Milkcap, introducing himself as a “real fun guy.” The party participates in games and challenges, including spinning the Wheel of Misfortune, which demands a sacrifice from each player. Torinn is disarmed. Rána contracts sewer plague, Roden sight-rot. Boirin is unlucky. Rhogar sacrifices his dignity; he swaps bodies with Gnerx for the remainder of the game.


Finally, the party, miserable and tortured, reaches Milkcap’s stage and violently take their revenge — reducing him to a cloud of spores that dissipate and descend back into the Underdark (but not before Rána turns into a potted plant). The party loots the prize cache, including coins, gems, and a Staff of the Woodlands, which Rhogar keeps. With Milkcap dead, they escape the glum gameshow and resume their pursuit of the Black Spider.

The party breaks into a room which turns out to be the lair of a murderous wraith named Mormesk. He forbids them to loot his treasure, but Boirin distracts the undead specter with a longwinded speech while Roden nimbly empties the chest behind the wraith’s back. As they prepare to leave, the wraith mentions that they look familiar to him. Roden, to the party’s disbelief, confirms the wraith’s suspicions, going all-in with a bluff. The halfling begins reminiscing about their shared childhood — Mormesk’s dog named Bunny, a dragonborn who used to bully them, and Mormesk’s impressive magic skills. Incredibly, the wraith believes him, and is pleased to be reunited with his best friend. He agrees to join them on their current quest, so long as murder is involved.

With Mormesk’s help, the party moves quickly and silently through the monster-infested tunnels, past ghouls and jellies, bugbears and drow, into the northwest corner of the mine. The Black Spider, along with giant spiders and bugbears, is found in the Temple of Dumathoin. A great battle ensues, and the party fights valiantly. Mormesk waits in the east passage, murdering all approaching reinforcements. Nezznar, the drow known as the Black Spider, is at last slain by the party — but not before Rána turns into a sheep.

The battle-weary party makes camp in the Temple of Dumathoin. Nundro, Boirin’s third cousin is found alive and is rescued, but Gundren is nowhere to be found.

Fearing what Mormesk might do while the rest are sleeping, Rhogar remains awake. Using the anvil-headed key that was retrieved from Nezznar’s corpse, the ranger opens the door to the natural cave adjacent to the temple and ponders the strange crystal formation within.



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Boirin’s date with Linene in Phandalin