Dealing with Venomfang

Greetings, Phandalin Force Five:

The following is a list of possible objectives we could attempt regarding the situation in Thundertree with the dragon, Venomfang. The purpose of this scroll is to clearly lay out some ideas that I, Boirin, have been working out, and to gather feedback from the rest of the Phandalin Force Five. I’m unsure of whether or not Ratface can read, so if any of you would like to read this to him and get his almost certainly useless opinion, feel free to do so.

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The Tragedy of Gerbo Dargle

8f80656d52c7d1d8a5967c10d080b266Gerbo Dargle lived with the forest gnomes, but was a bit of an oddity due to the rock gnome leaves on his family tree. He was once a traveling tinker before settling down in the burrow as their resident artificer.

Gnerx’s mother was a goblin, his father a gnome. Gnelda the she-goblin had become separated from her tribe wandered the forests alone, trying to survive. She passed by a gnome burrow and stirred the compassion and pity of the kindly gnomish tinker who lived there. Gerbo showed himself, and she was too weak to run away. She consented to be his guest in exchange for food, and the gnome, gladly believing the best of everyone, eventually fell in love with her.

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Tresendar Manor

There are plenty of injustices right here in Phandalin.” It is the 13th daybreak of Eleasis as Boirin Ashcloak exhorts his fellow adventurers, proposing they dispatch the Redbrand threat before leaving the area. The dwarf concludes some last-minute affairs before leading the party to the north edge of town where he feeds and collects his small pack of wolves. Andrina, the group’s newest comrade, inquires after the beasts’ history, which Boirin recounts proudly, though she is not altogether put at ease. Continue reading


Our heroes arrive at last in Phandalin, so arduous was their journey. After stopping to tie up Boirin’s wolves, the motley wagon-load of adventurers trundles into town.

They first meet Gwendalin, the local mad-woman. She believes herself to be the “queen” in disguise (though over what she is meant to rule is anyone’s guess). Among other things, she gives the party directions about the town, pointing out Barthen’s Provisions, the Stonehill Inn, Lionshield Coster — and warns them to avoid the nearby sleeping giant (which is really just the name of a ruffian taphouse).

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Cragmaw Hideout, Part 1

Rana leans over the bound and sleeping goblin at his feet and sets his vibrant blue hands to rifling through the creature’s pockets. He finds nothing of value, but so as to not come away empty-handed, the elf loots the foul creature’s toenail collection.

Meanwhile, Rhogar and Boirin continue to interrogate the other goblin, who calls himself Gnerx. He is very forthcoming and eager to please his captors, though it is not an easy task; Rhogar tires of Gnerx’s efforts to develop a rapport, and Boirin makes no effort to hide his disgust for goblin-kind.

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