The Lost Mine of Phandelver


“The Lost Mine of Phandelver” is a sword-and-sorcery adventure by Wizards of the Coast.

“The Lost Mine of Phandelver” follows the adventures of seven unlikely friends — a dwarf cleric, elf sorcerer, halfling rogue, dragonborn ranger, dragonborn paladin, mermaid bard, and even a gnomelin (half gnome, half goblin).  They were hired to escort a wagon of supplies to the small town of Phandalin south of Neverwinter along the Sword Coast. Before long, they were embroiled in conflict with a mysterious agent known as The Black Spider, caught up in events that would shape the region’s future — and past.

This was our introduction to the dice, dungeons, and sword-and-sorcery adventures of the Forgotten Realms. As our first campaign, it taught us the rules of Dungeons & Dragons, allowed me to cut my teeth as a DM, and gave us all a love for the game.

The Usurpers of Emaroth


“The Usurpers of Emaroth” is an epic fantasy adventure by Jared Evans.

Our adventurers travel to the distant land of Emaroth in pursuit of glory and honor only to find a land oppressed by a new and terrifying enemy. How far are our heroes willing to go to save kingdoms, peoples, and creatures from destruction? And what if they don’t want to be saved? 

“The Usurpers of Emaroth” is my sequel to “The Lost Mine of Phandelver” and is an epic fantasy adventure designed for characters level 5 to 10.

This is my first original D&D campaign and is the most complete of my ideas. It offers a continuation to the “Lost Mine of Phandelver” storyline, classic sword-and-sorcery gameplay, and a large open-world full of monsters, secrets, kingdoms, magic, and hidden wonders.

The Reign of the Demiurge


“Reign of the Demiurge” is a mythic fantasy adventure by Jared Evans.

Many years after the events in Emaroth, and thanks to the efforts of our heroes, the face of Toril has changed. Our heroes explore a world that is more perilous than ever. In their quest to save the world, they will either perish in despair or rise to take their place among the gods. When all is lost, hope rises from the unlikeliest of places…

“The Reign of the Demiurge” is my sequel to “The Usurpers of Emaroth” and is a mythic fantasy adventure designed for characters level 10-20.

As the conclusion to the trilogy containing “The Lost Mine of Phandelver” and “The Usurpers of Emaroth,” it may seem like I’m planning way too far ahead. If so, then I’m planning super rad stuff too far ahead.

The Farfarers


“The Farfarers” is a seafaring adventure by Jared Evans.

When the Trackless Sea calls, a horizon of possibilities awaits. Our heroes entrust their lives to the wind, setting sail for destiny. They will brave storms, fight (or join) pirates, slay monsters of the deep, and discover new and wondrous lands…

“The Farfarers” is a stand-alone seafaring adventure for characters of any level. It is age-of-sail wish-fulfillment — a journey of pure discovery. Not even know where you’re going!

I’m a big fan of Homer’s Odyssey, Dumas’ The Count of Monte Cristo, O’Brian’s Master and Commander, and Whedon’s Firefly, so that probably explains why this style of adventure appeals to me.

Each one of my campaigns has slightly different genre and story hooks, as well as a new gameplay element that I’m excited to try. For “The Farfarers,” in order to really maximize the sense of discovery, I’m modifying the “dicing for dungeons” concept to procedurally generate a seafaring adventure on the fly.

Dungeon Dweebs*


“Dungeon Dweebs” is an urban arcana adventure by Jared Evans.

In the small town of Blackacre (?) in 1980’s America, a group of friends begin their junior high careers — new teachers, new classes, and new problems. Ever since summer break, they’ve  been searching for a new Dungeon Master. Their search may be over — but it could be more than they bargained for… 

“Dungeon Dweebs” is my homage to Netflix’s Stranger Things. It is a stand-alone urban arcana  adventure for characters level 3-10. I’m excited to explore the tone of supernatural horror, suspense, and mystery inherent in dark fantasy.

The campaign divides its time between the “real” world of Blackacre (?) and the “dweebs'” game world — you’ll still very much be playing D&D. When else will you have the opportunity to role-play a character roleplaying a character? Or jump two-layers deep into a fictional world? Or pretend it’s the ’80’s all over again?

I’m very excited about this.

* This is a working title. It’s probably changed a dozen times today. In order to preserve my sanity, I have to stop… I just have to.
** I changed it again.


shadowrun nostOS hype

“NostOS” is a cyberpunk adventure by Jared Evans.

In the year 2064, lines are blurred: Technology and magic, corporations and governments, humans and machines, right and wrong. A crew of shadowrunners operates in the Undercity of Seattle, hired by corporations, gangs, private clients, and even corrupt government officials to perform specialized tasks that span the spectrum of legality. Being ready for anything is an occupational requirement for this team of hackers, street samurai, technomancers, and riggers  — but nothing could prepare them for what’s to come…

“NostOS” is actually a cyberpunk screenplay I’ve been working on, but as it turns out — it’s a roleplaying campaign, too! Cyberpunk is a moody and eclectic blend of science fiction, dystopian future, and film noir. I’m very excited to explore a very different flavor of adventures with you guys: cyborgs, hacking, cars, neon lights, monsters, samurai swords, guns, skyscrapers, magic, explosions, ninjas — breathe, Jared…

It’s amazing how inspiration works. The intrinsically cinematic story for this campaign has been collating in my mainframe for years, but I was always missing some crucial elements: an unpredictable and diverse cast of characters, and a vibrant setting that is richly detailed and dynamic. You are my cast of characters, and (as of today) the backdrop of my story has come into sharp focus! Whether we end up playing a future-mod of the d20 Modern ruleset or dive headfirst into the Sixth World of Shadowrun, “NostOS” is an adventure you won’t soon forget.