Dave may be a cleric in the game, but he’s a wizard in real life! Enjoy his handiwork — Phandalin Force 5’s very own intro/hype video (featuring music by yours truly)!


Dave brings Boirin Ashcloak to life, imbuing the Dwarf Cleric with all his enthusiasm for Life — with the notable exception of goblins, of course. He keeps his comrades alive, and their foes dead.

Dungeon Master’s Note: 
Enthusiastic role-player and veteran gamer, on the lookout for the perfect build, loot glitch, or mechanic exploit… Will try to break the meta-game — in the best way! He’s a great go-to to bounce ideas and sharpen my DM-ing skills. 

[Edit: Stay with us, rat-fiend.]


Kyle plays the part of Erresea Rána, the party’s enigmatic Elf Sorcerer. He is as unpredictable as he is uncouth, but his natural talent for magic cannot be denied. Some darkness from his past still seems to overshadow him…

Dungeon Master’s Note:
I think he method-acts his character’s unpredictability. You never know what he’ll say or do next! Also, I’ve seen him play RPG’s before, and I can tell he’s trying to keep Rána from slipping into his standard
modus operandi… Which just happens to be a homicidal maniac. Might just be a matter of time…

[Edit: It was just a matter of time.]


Jeremiah’s the one wearing the rubber Dragonborn suit. You know, if this was a movie. Instead, since it’s D&D, Daardendrian Rhogar is the Ranger with the commanding, deep voice and dual swords cleaving his way through all manner of dark creatures in search of peace and knowledge. He knows stuff good.

Dungeon Master’s Note:
Brings a lot of deep thought to his character’s backstory and rules of engagement. Already, he’s brought a lot of richness and life to the worlds I’m building, just by explaining the origins of his character.

[Edit: His dice rolls are proof positive that the universe is conspiring against him.]


Zach plays the part of Roden Hobblebuckle, that sneaky little Halfling Rogue. He’s quiet, and adept at avoiding notice, but has a way of being in the right place at the right time to play his part — whether scouting an enemy’s position, or dealing the fatal blow on a terrible monster.

Dungeon Master’s Note:
Like his character, Zach has plenty of tricks up his sleeve. He is analytical, witty, and a joy to work with. He has a unique and effective approach to problem-solving, and a refreshing sense of humor whenever he’s put in an unexpected situation.

[Edit: He should drop out of school in order to play D&D more often.]


Sharisse plays the part of Andrena, the land-walker Mermaid. It’s been explained to me that she doesn’t need a last name — because she’s famous, just like Madonna. Which, I have to admit, does make sense, since she’s a Bard from the Siren’s College. She needs no instrument for her music, however, as her voice is enchanting enough to cast a spell on any who can hear her song. She’s just at home on land as she is in a cistern, a river, or at the bottom of the ocean.

Dungeon Master’s Note:
Sharisse is brand new not only to Dungeons & Dragons, but to roleplaying in general — which is impressive, considering that the rest of the ‘boy’s club’ has been playing video games all of our lives, so we’re familiar with terms like XP, HP, Saving Throw, etc. When she’s in the zone, Andrena is a wellspring of sass and puns, and we all enjoy having her around the table. 

[Edit: Andrena loves being called fish-face. So, you know — next time you see her.]


Kevin began his D&D career as the voice of myriad NPC’s. Finally, after a litany of decoys ranging from odd to annoying, his true character, Torinn Delmirev, was revealed. Torinn is a dragonborn paladin who is already butting heads with some members of the party — Rhogar literally, Rána figuratively.

Dungeon Master’s Note:
The introduction of Kevin’s character is exciting for me as a writer, simply because he’s so different from everyone else. As a Paladin with an “attack first, ask questions later” approach, I look forward to how he shapes the story moving forward. Also, he’s given Gnerx an apprenticeship, which is a delightful chemistry to explore. 

[Edit: If Torinn or Rána is murdered, the other is likely to know who did it…]


I’m the Dungeon Master. I play the role of the sentient game engine. I facilitate the fantasy through which the players move, regulating the forces of nature and speaking worlds into existence… Also, I’m super humble.

It’s my job to obsessively study the rules and tables and prepare all the stats and, well, pretty much everything. My monster manual is full of page tabs and post-it notes, and I’m constantly inventing magical items and building characters, settings, and puzzles. I’ve halfway through the outline for my second campaign before my players have even finished the Starter Set, and sometimes I like to brag that I know ahead-of-time exactly when everyone’s character dies (which is only mostly true).

I’m a writer first, but I’m also passionate about game design, systems, maps, and charts — so I guess it was inevitable that I’d become a DM. So far, it’s been great! Couldn’t ask for a better D&D group.