shadowrun nostOS hype

In the year 2064, lines are blurred: Technology and magic, corporations and governments, humans and machines, right and wrong…

A crew of shadowrunners operates in the Undercity of Seattle, hired by corporations, gangs, private clients, and even corrupt government officials to perform specialized tasks that span the spectrum of legality.

Being ready for anything is an occupational requirement for this team of hackers, street samurai, technomancers, and riggers  — but nothing could prepare them for what’s to come…

“NostOS” is actually a cyberpunk screenplay I’ve been working on, but it turns out it’s a roleplaying campaign, too! Cyberpunk is a moody and eclectic blend of science fiction, dystopian future, and film noir. I’m very excited to explore a very different flavor of adventures with you guys: cyborgs, hacking, cars, dames, neon lights, monsters, detectives, samurai swords, guns, skyscrapers, gangsters, magic, explosions, ninjas — breathe, Jared…

It’s amazing how inspiration works. The intrinsically cinematic story for this campaign has been collating in my mainframe for years, but I was always missing some crucial elements: an unpredictable and diverse cast of characters, and a vibrant setting that is richly detailed and dynamic. You are my cast of characters, and (as of today) the backdrop of my story has come into sharp focus! Whether we end up playing a future-mod of the d20 Modern ruleset or dive headfirst into the Sixth World of Shadowrun, “NostOS” is not an adventure you’ll soon forget.


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