The Forge of Spells: Part 3

“The Sleeping Giant”

Season 1, Episode 7


The Phandalin Force 5 begins their third time loop in the Forge of Spells with renewed confidence and clever plans… Things change.

“Striding, Stumbling, Squashing”

Season 1, Episode 8


Having woken the giant on Icespire Peak, events are set in motion and the party’s plans are reduced to reacting to a series of disasters. They do, however, learn a valuable and powerful skill from Acorn, everyone’s favorite fairy…

“Bacon of Hope”

Season 1, Episode 9


The party once again meets their ends at the close of the third loop, though not in any way they could have expected. Roden flexes his roguish expertise, Rhogar and Torinn make a great… team? And Boirin softens the trauma of his own inevitable death with the magical equivalent of self-administered morphine. …


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