The Forge of Spells: Part 2

“Goats & Greetings”

Season 1, Episode 2


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Rána returns from his vision quest to find himself in strange and smelly situation. The Phandalin Force 5 catches each other up on their adventures and prepares to make another attempt to enter the Phandelver Mine…

“Mein Mine”

Season 1, Episode 3


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Torinn poses as a dragonborn ambassador under the guise of political interest in the Phandelver Pact and leads the party safely into the mine…

“Grand Tour”

Season 1, Episode 4


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The party follows Bruenor Fatesmelter on a grand tour of his prosperous mine, meeting new characters and learning new things along the way…

“Blink Dog Brandy”

Season 1, Episode 5


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While the Phandalin Force 5 continues to explore the Phandelver Mine, Rána (now Tell’raa) convinces Clark the Clerk to give him a free sample of some very expensive dwarven liquor. It doesn’t go well…

“Son of a Lich”

Season 1, Episode 6


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The Phandelver Pact peace talks have devolved into chaos when evidence is uncovered of an assassin in their midst. Roden creates a diversion with Rhogar’s help while Boirin and Tell’raa hasten back from Phandalin. Torinn stands guard at the entrance, first to face their impending doom…


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