The following letter was a prayer penned by Eressea Rána, the notorious Wethrinaer, to the elf-god Corellon Larethian in the Highsun of the of the Year of the Scarlet Witch…

Oh, Corellon!

How has my soul been so marred by this anger and hatred? Have you so easily forgotten your servant? Have I fallen so far as to earn your ire? 

I once dreamt of joining the fellowship of the Forgotten Flower, and search for your talismans and relics, but you have forsaken me, and I am no longer able to feel your blessing upon me. 

I have a will continue to follow your statutes and teachings, but I cannot help but feel disillusioned with all of this. You are called the Protector, but I have only ever been protected by my own power, and this “evil” gift that you have created me with.

Answer me, “Protector of Life!”

Eressea Rána



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