The Lost Mine of Phandelver

A party of adventurers is hired to escort a wagon of supplies south from Neverwinter along the Sword Coast to the burgeoning town of Phandalin. Once there, they expect to meet their employer, a dwarf by the name of Gundren Rockseeker, at Barthen’s Provisions, where they will receive payment for their services.

Boirin Ashcloak

Boirin is a Dwarf Cleric of the Life Domain. He was once a soldier, but became disillusioned with the unethical use of power in the ranks of his mercenary band. The tension came to a head when he disobeyed a direct order. Gundren, his cousin and the party’s employer, reached out to Boirin as a favor during his suspension from duty. His hardy constitution, experience, and warhammer are assets to the party, matched only by his divine healing magic — and hatred for goblins.

Daardendrian Rhogar

Rhogar is a Dragonborn Ranger. At seven feet tall, he towers above his present company. When he isn’t wielding dual short swords to drive back the darkness of the wilderness, the blue-flecked dragonborn is engaged in intellectual pursuits. It is odd to see a dragonborn travel this far from his clan. He belongs to an ancient order devoted to the cosmic battle of good and evil and believes that fate has chosen him to wage war against the darkness — of thought and deed. He agreed to escort the wagon to Phandalin as a matter of course; it is in accordance with his destiny to protect the vestiges of civilization and peace from the forces of chaos and destruction. His sage knowledge, combat ability, and draconic ancestry are assets to his fellow adventurers.

Eressea Rana

Rana is a High Elf Sorcerer. He is lithe, laconic, antisocial, and unpredictable. Nevertheless, he possesses an enigmatic charisma which endears others to him in spite of his abrasive manner. He does not readily discuss his past; there was some painful or shameful event which led him to become the “lonely wanderer” he is today. His motives for taking the wagon job are uncomplicated: for the money. While Rana is not particularly impressive in hand-to-hand combat, his innate magical power is more than a match for his armed foes, casting formidable and destructive spells before they can get close enough to swing a sword.

Roden Hobblebuckle

Roden is a Halfling Rogue with a taste for wine. He is the only one of the party to have ever been to Phandalin, and has family there. His small stature belies the great skill he possesses. Nimble and dextrous, small Roden is an expert at escaping notice, whether hiding from danger or scouting ahead. He is brave and lucky, and his fellow adventurers can count on him to find creative solutions to the problems and obstacles they encounter. This is the first time he will return since he fled Phandalin for his life, betrayed and penniless. He accepted Gundren’s offer to pay his way there, perhaps to seek his revenge.


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